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Faro Council to finally build new kennel for stray animals

Faro Council have announced that they are finally constructing a new kennel for stray and abandoned animals. The announcement was made public after the council approved the launch of a tender for the building of an “Official Collection Centre for Animals” (Centro de Recolha Oficial Animals.)

The facility will be built in an isolated area of Medronhal in Estoi and aims to help in tackling an issue that the council has been facing for decades.

The project, valued at €1.2 million, involves building a kennel with a maximum capacity for 173 animals. The facility will include an area “dedicated to animals which will be put up for adoption”, a quarantine area, 16 shared cat pens, and 42 shared dog pens. Moreover, there will be two outdoor parks for the animals engage in playing and exercise, as well as an on-site veterinarian clinic. Construction is expected to last 455 days.

In a statement sent out to press, Faro Council said that this is the latest measure in a marathon campaign to fight animal abandonment and abuse.

“In Faro, we have always treated animals with respect, even before the current legislation was approved,” stated Mayor of Faro Rogério Bacalhau.

For example, the mayor cited the municipality’s decision to stop hosting circuses which keep animals in captivity, as well as the sterilisation campaigns promoted by the council.