Home News Faro Beach Campsite has already set up new regulations to prevent future clingy campers

Faro Beach Campsite has already set up new regulations to prevent future clingy campers

Published on 12/12/2019

On November 25th, to the satisfaction of many, Faro Beach Campsite returned to the hands of Faro City Council. After the officials regained ownership of the site from the campers who had previously inhabited it, and refused to leave for a number of months, the municipality has already approved new park regulations. The site is expected to be renovated and opened for the summer next year.

The news came from Faro City themselves, informing press that the regulations setting out the future of the Faro Beach campsite have been set in stone. The renovation work is also already underway, and is budgeted at a total cost of 446,000 euros.

Above all, it is intended that this park be of high quality, and open to all, with a policy of rotation to increase visitor turnover, and obligatory respect for the use of public facilities. The management, administration and maintenance of the park will be overseen by the municipality.

The park has a total area of ??20372 square meters, and will have a maximum capacity of 689 people, with 200 campsite/tents lots (accounting for 575 people), and 24 caravan spaces (114 people). The reception of the campsite will be open all year round, from 8am until 8pm from the 16th September to the 15th June, and from 8:30am to 10:30pm over the summer period.

The new regulations state that the users’ period of stay may not exceed 15 consecutive days, in order to allow for increased rotation, however, this rule will only be enforced during the busier months.

It is recalled that the former campsite closed down to the public in 2003, continuing to be municipal land that was occupied by those who were already there upon its closure, and moving in 2010 under the management of a private-law association through a lending agreement with the municipality – which until then had borne all the expenses inherent to the site.

In September of 2018 the municipality terminated this agreement. Having seen the value of the campsite in regards to tourism, they gave those inhabiting the site a period of one year to vacate it.

In an attempt to stop their eviction, the association of campsite users filed an injunction that the Loulé Administrative and Tax Court dismissed. Thus, on November 25th of 2019, the conditions were finally met for the municipality to regain full ownership of the lot by taking the first step towards its full renovation, to the satisfaction of the public interest.

Hereafter, the campsite will be included in the county’s list of tourist facilities and will exclusively serve the interests of the local economy, helping to bring more to Faro Beach and to affirm the Algarve as an excellent beach destination.