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Estoi: Student attacked by colleagues while others filmed

Estoi: Student attacked by colleagues while others filmed.A 14-year-old student at the Poeta Emiliano da Costa elementary school, in Estoi, has been attacked by a colleague while a group of young people watched, filmed and incited violence.

The Public Ministry (MP) will investigate the attacks that took place on Wednesday last week, a few metres outside the school, with the video being released on social media this week, on Tuesday. According to Jornal de Notícias, although the situation this time took place outside the school premises, “the perpetrator of the attacks had previously attacked the same colleague inside the establishment, having been, at the time, suspended”.

In the video, it is possible to see the victim leaning against a wall and being threatened and physically attacked by another young woman, surrounded by other young people, who do nothing to prevent the aggressions and still encourage them, while the victim asks the aggressor to stop and let go.

The aggressor and the victim, both 14 years old, attend the 8th and 9th grades at Escola Básica Poeta Emiliano da Costa, part of the Pinheiro e Rosa School Group. The student who attacked her colleague had already been suspended from school in September, within the scope of a disciplinary process triggered by aggression against the same young woman, the director of the Pinheiro e Rosa School Group, Francisco Soares, told Lusa news agency.

After this most recent incident, “I immediately asked the school coordinator to initiate a disciplinary procedure against the aggressor and whoever filmed and encouraged the aggressions. I also asked that all the other students be identified for having witnessed the aggression and having done nothing in defense of the victim”, said Francisco Soares.

According to the head of the school grouping, the measures to be taken have not yet been decided and will only be taken after a disciplinary procedure has been carried out in which all involved will be heard, including the families of the young women.

The victim’s family complained to the Public Ministry and the school reported the situation to the Commission for the Protection of Children and Youth (CPCJ).

School management has already assured that “it is taking all measures to implement a disciplinary process”, and that they have requested that the Psychology office intervene with these young people and their families.