Home News Drought: Algarvean officials look into new dam and desalination plant

Drought: Algarvean officials look into new dam and desalination plant

Published on 10/01/2020

Today a group of Algarvean officials from a range of municipalities met to discuss the future investments and steps to be taken in order to strengthen the distribution and correct use of water in this region of the country, in an initiative that took place within the framework of the AMAL Intermunicipal Council.

The AMAL said in a statement that at this meeting, alongside the General Assembly of Águas do Algarve, to, among other topics, discuss going forward with the necessary procedures to carry out an environmental impact study for the construction of the Foupana dam. The officials hope that the construction of a new dam will aid in reinforcing the region’s water supply, namely in times of drought, such as the one which the Algarve is still suffering to some degree.

Another decision relates to the completion of a technical, economic and financial feasibility study, looking at the possible construction of a desalination plant.  It is recalled that these measures are part of an inter-municipal strategy which also promotes the reuse of wastewater from the various wastewater treatment facilities, the reduction of network losses, and the development of awareness campaigns with consumers.

The Algarve Intermunicipal Community has also decided to name Osvaldo Gonçalves as the Head of the newly created AMAL working group on Water Issues, which brings together ministerial officials from a handful of municipalities, the Portuguese Environment Agency, and the ministries of agriculture, tourism.