Home News “Diving into pools may cause spine damage” warn Portuguese doctors

“Diving into pools may cause spine damage” warn Portuguese doctors

Published on 06/08/2019

The Portuguese Society of Spinal Pathology (PSSP) is promoting an awareness campaign warning the public of the risk of spinal injuries associated with the practice of dives in the pools and at beaches.

There are leaps that can change your life. Protect your spine! ”Is the motto of this initiative that has been launched on social media through a video that presents ten tips that people should follow to prevent such spinal injury related accidents.

 According to Miguel Casimiro, a neurosurgeon and president of PSSP, “the main objective with the launch of this campaign is to alert the population to risky behaviour that can lead to diving accidents, one of the main causes of spinal injury, especially in young people below the age of 35 years old “.

Regarding the choice of using a video as the tool to disseminate awareness via social networks, the expert says that this “is the most obvious option, as it is not only a dynamic way to get the audience of this campaign to think properly about the theme, but also to communicate our recommendations which, when followed, can make all the difference in your health, as a diving accident victim may suffer a severe modular injury which could lead to disability or death.

Diving-related spinal injuries usually occur when the head hits the ground or a rock. In addition to the shallow depth of the site, these accidents may be related to incorrect posture while diving.

In the event of an accident, or suspected spinal injury, the PSSP warns of the need to contact 112 immediately and to not move the person, as any movement of the victim could cause major and permanent damage.