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Deconfinement: What reopens from today, April 5th

Published on April 05, 2021

The new Government Decree defines the rules of the 14th state of emergency and establishes what can be reopened from today, and the places that still can’t function during the next 15 days, in this second phase of the deconfinement. The measures are valid, for now, for the whole country.

The following that can now function:

1 – Schools of the 2nd and 3rd cycles in person;

2 – Family support and curriculum enrichment activities, as well as leisure centers and study centers for students who resume face-to-face classes;

3 – Social facilities in the area of ??disability;

4 – Day centers;

5 – Stores and services in spaces less than 200 square meters that have a direct door to the street;

6 – Gyms and gyms, but without group classes. Outdoor physical activity with up to four people;

7 – Museums, monuments, palaces, archaeological and similar sites, art galleries and exhibitions;

8 – Restaurant and café terraces with a limit of four people per group, unless they all belong to the same household. Business hours are from 10 am to 10:30 pm during the week, on weekends and holidays they must close at 1 pm;

9 – Fairs and markets, provided they are authorised by the Mayor of the Municipality where they operate;

10 – Low risk physical and sports activities, such as tennis or golf.

As of today, and during the next fortnight, the ban on movement between municipalities on the Portuguese continent is no longer in force, but the land border between Portugal and Spain is still closed.

On Friday, the Prime Minister, António Costa, said that Portugal can “take the step forward” with these measures of deflation, claiming that “the combined application of the two criteria” – incidence and rate of transmission of Covid-19 –  keeps Portugal “clearly in the green quadrant”.

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