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Covid case numbers are stable – Mask usage is eased

COVID CASE NUMBERS ARE STABLE - MASK USAGE IS EASEDAfter more than two years of wearing masks, the DGS announced on Friday 22nd April that masks are no longer required in schools, restaurants, shops, sporting venues, music venues and other similar locations. 

Masks still need to be worn in places where there are vulnerable people, such as care homes, pharmacies, health centres, hospitals and clinics, or places that are difficult to ventilate and have a high density of people in a small area, for example public transport, taxis and ubers, and on planes.

The decision to ease mask regulations is due to the number of COVID-19 patients being “comfortably below” an earlier set target, and even though deaths remain above the ECDC target of 20 per million people per fortnight, the all-cause death rate was within the expected range for this time of year.

For definitive information on the current Covid regulations in Portugal, Madeira and the Azores, please see https://www.visitportugal.com/en/content/covid-19-measures-implemented-portugal