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Covid-19: “We are making the same mistakes as last Xmas”

COVID-19. “WE ARE MAKING THE SAME MISTAKES AS LAST XMAS”André Peralta Santos, former Director of Information and Analysis Services at DGS, is warning of an explosion of cases over the Christmas weekend and proposes “closing sites where there is a risk of over-dissemination”.

André Peralta Santos used his Twitter account to launch some warnings about the development of the pandemic situation in Portugal. According to the doctor, Portugal is “committing the same mistakes as last Christmas” by postponing a decision on the reinforcement of measures to combat covid-19, in the context of the new Ómicron variant. 

André Peralta Santos uses a study in the United Kingdom that contradicts the thesis according to which Ómicron would generate fewer hospitalizations. “Last year we decided to ease restrictions and we paid dearly for that decision.”

Santos proposes that restrictions “similar” to those taken by Denmark: closing bars, clubs, cinemas and restaurants, be adopted now. “The risk we are running is a January with very high disease levels in the community and high pressure on hospitals, with deteriorating quality and access to non-covid care.”

Filipe Froes, Medical Doctor and ICU Coordinator at Centro Hospital Lisboa Norte corroborated the warnings issued by André Peralta Santos, saying that “We need to buy time. The Ómciron variant revived the concept of uncertainty and the opportunity for measurement. In the face of uncertainty, waiting for more information is losing the opportunity for intervention.” Froes asks that the use of a mask be carried out “in all places” and the testing to be reinforced, although he advises against the closure of establishments and a new confinement.

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