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Covid-19: Vaccination rate in the Algarve is stepped up

COVID-19: VACCINATION RATE IN THE ALGARVE IS STEPPED UPThe Association of Hospitality of Portugal (AHP) have received confirmation that the Task Force for the Vaccination Plan against Covid-19 have accelerated the rate of vaccinations in the Algarve region.

“It is with great expectation that we received recognition for our proposal to speed up the vaccination of residents and tourism professionals in the Algarve region, the main national tourist destination. In addition, its relevance at the moment when it is already possible to carry out tourist trips from some markets, including the British, vital for tourism in the Algarve”, says Raul Martins, president of AHP.

The purpose of the AHP proposal, presented on May 13th, is to guarantee a quick resumption of tourism activity and maintenance of companies and jobs in a region very dependent on tourism activity.

“We are in a crucial phase for tourism, with the opening of the airspace to some destinations and with the approach of summer, and it is important to transmit confidence both to the Portuguese population and to those who visit us. With the reinforcement of vaccination in the Algarve region, we will become a strong competitor when it comes to choice of holiday destination “, concludes Raul Martins.

According to Eurostat data released in April, the Algarve was the Portuguese region that registered the highest unemployment rate in 2020, reaching 8.4%, followed by Madeira and the Lisbon Metropolitan Area.

Also the Observatory of Inequalities, which recently published the study “Unemployment in 2020 – Impacts of the Pandemic, Mappings and Reflections”, indicates that the Algarve is the region of the country where the pandemic is having a disproportionate impact, largely explained by the fact the region is highly dependent on tourism, with particular emphasis on the municipality of Albufeira.

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