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COVID-19 infection count associated with Lagos illegal party reaches 60, contributing to Algarve’s biggest 24-hour rise

63lagos partyAn illegal party, which took place on the 7th of June, in Odiáxere (Lagos), has now contributed to the infection of 60 individuals with COVID-19, revealed Paulo Morgado, president of the Regional Health Administration (ARS) of the Algarve.

Speaking to journalists at the ARS headquarters in Faro, Morgado said that the cases “are not all in Lagos”. Although most of them are, there are cases “in other municipalities in the Algarve”, such as Lagoa and Portimão, and even “outside” the region, due to individuals travelling back home and spreading the virus to their friends and families following the event. The cases “are all under investigation” and, so far, “more than 500 tests” have been carried out.

The screening will “continue for people who were at the party or who had contact with someone who was,” said Paulo Morgado. The last update on the number of cases had been made yesterday by Graça Freitas, director-general of Health, who reported 37 infected people. Now, values ??have grown again. According to Paulo Morgado, there are still two hospitalized people, aged 27 and 39, related to this party that will have brought together about 100 people at Clube Desportivo de Odiáxere.

Moreover, today the the Algarve area recorded the highest number of new cases since the pandemic began: 35 cases in the last 24 hours, more than those registered in the North or in the Central region. The last time that the Algarve registered a number of cases of a similar calibre was on 6 April, when 28 cases of infection were recorded.