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Home News Covid-19: Current Vaccination Plan For Portugal

Covid-19: Current Vaccination Plan For Portugal

Published on 17/02/2021
– Other pathologies with less prevalence that may be defined later, depending on scientific knowledge

Phase 3 (on a date to be determined after the completion of the second phase)

The rest of the eligible population, including foreign residents, which will also be prioritized. An expansion of vaccination sites is planned at this stage.


The Process

Your family doctor/health centre or nurse will be able to inform you about the stage at which you will be vaccinated.

Wait until you are contacted. The vaccination process will take place throughout the year 2021.

It is not possible to request the appointment of your vaccine for COVID-19. You will be contacted by the National Health Service for this purpose. We appreciate that you wait and do not contact SNS 24 for this reason.

For a prediction of when you might be vaccinated, CLICK HERE.

The vaccine against COVID-19 is not obligatory. However, health officials strongly recommend vaccination against COVID-19 as a means of controlling the pandemic.