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Covid-19: Booster self-scheduling now available for all 45+, and those 18+ with Janssen

COVID-19: BOOSTER SELF-SCHEDULING NOW AVAILABLE FOR ALL 45+, AND THOSE 18+ WITH JANSSENThe DGS portal can now be used to self-schedule appointments for booster vaccinations against Covid-19 for those within the following age groups:

  • Open House appointments for 60 years or older for a booster dose against COVID-19 and/or Influenza
  • Self-schedule 45 years or older for a booster dose against COVID-19
  • Self-schedule 18 or over previously vaccinated with Janssen vaccine 90 or more days ago

There is likely to be a large demand in these age groups, so please submit your appointment request and be patient. You will be contacted by SMS from the number 2424 with confirmation of the date, time and place of vaccination, but this may take a week or so. You then reply to the SMS to confirm the appointment.

Those 60 and over can now attend an Open House appointment, just go directly to the local vaccination center, or the health center.

Self-scheduling for the currently available age groups can be done at: https://covid19.min-saude.pt/pedido-de-agendamento/