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Covid-19 booster for over 60’s begins this week, shortly followed by over 50’s

COVID-19 BOOSTER FOR OVER 60'S BEGINS THIS WEEK, SHORTLY FOLLOWED BY OVER 50'SConfirmation that the over 50’s will be given a booster dose of covid-19 vaccine was given yesterday (14th December) by the Deputy Secretary of State and Health, António Lacerda Sales.

“The update of the standard of DGS 002/2021 will be carried out during [Tuesday], changing the eligibility range from 65 years old or over to 50 years old or more”, said António Lacerda Sales, attending the swearing-in ceremony of the first president of the Physiotherapists Association, António Lopes.

It was also announced that self-scheduling for those over 60 will start this week. Currently the self schedule facility is only available for those 65 and over, those 50+ who have been vaccinated with the Janssen vaccine, and children between 9 and 11 (exclusively for 18/19 December).

The number of people who have already received the booster dose of the covid-19 vaccine in mainland Portugal hit 2,104,320 on Tuesday, 52,344 doses more than the previous day.

The age group with the highest booster coverage is between 70 and 79 years old, with 734,545 people vaccinated. This is followed by the group aged 80 and over, with 555,994 booster doses administered, and those aged 65 to 69 years with 382,930 booster jabs.

As it stands, approximately 8,628,252 people currently have complete primary vaccination against covid-19 and 2,238,647 have received the flu vaccine.

To self schedule your appointment for covid vaccination/booster please visit https://covid19.min-saude.pt/pedido-de-agendamento/