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Continente to purchase 10,000 tonnes of Algarve oranges

orangeUntil June, each orange for sale in Continente’s 274 supermarkets will be from the Algarve and will be accredited as being from a specific area in certified orchards.

The Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) is regulated by the European Union and the partnership with producers means the purchase of around 10,000 tonnes of oranges.


The IGP classification identifies products originating in a given region, ensuring that only produce that has been traditionally grown and that has characteristics and reputation linked to the territory, are marketed.

In the case of oranges from the Algarve, the classification is given to all citrus fruit from certified orchards, with a demanding specification linking the producers to various measures to guarantee the quality of the product, namely that the fruit is harvested by hand and at the exact point when it is at its most juiciest.

The IGP stamp thus guarantees a brightly coloured orange with a high juice content, unique to the Algarve.

The oranges in question are being grown on 2,000 hectares of certified orchard between Tavira and Silves which belong to about 100 producers.