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Colder still with bitter winds on the way

iceTemperatures are to drop further tonight with wind picking up on Friday forcing many back to bed.

Faced with the cold weather and the expected wind chill factor, Civil Protection has issued a warning to the population to take care.

The IPMA meteorologists already have warned that, as from Friday, the lows across Portugal will range between -4°C and 6°C with a daytime maximum of between 4°C and 18°C – the 18°C being in the Algarve.

The north and centre of the country will get the worst of the wind, up to 70 kmph, but the Algarve also can expect a stream of cold air that has an uncanny knack of finding gaps in clothing to chill the whole body.

There will be mist and fog, especially in the Douro River area with overnight frosts making Saturday night a perilous one to be out on the road.

As for those snuggling inside, the National Civil Protection Authority warns that asphyxiation, due to inadequate ventilation, is a real danger in some homes.

In addition, flames from fires and gas heaters can start house fires, as can poorly wired electrical heating appliances.

Civil Protection also warns of ice on sections of road that always are in the shadow at this time of year, Vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly, people with chronic diseases and the homeless population must be looked out for and kept warm.

To cope with the cold, the Civil Protection and the General Directorate of Health say we must not be exposed to it for long periods and, unsurprisingly, suggests we keep warm by wearing several layers of clothing, protecting extremities while sipping away at hot drinks.

The lows and highs over the next 24-hours are predicted as:

Aljezur zero to 18°C,

Albufeira 5°C to 16°C and

VRSA, 4°C to 14°C

For the next nine nights, Silves will have nighttime temperatures of zero or -1°C.


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