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Civil Protection issues fire warning for the Algarve

Published on 09/01/2019

The Municipal Civil Protection Service has warned of zero temperatures and the risk of fire.

SMPC alerts for persistence of cold and dry weather, weak or moderate sometimes strong wind in uplands and formation of frost.

The Municipal Civil Protection Service, has had a look at the meteorological forecasts for the next few days, as published by the IPMA weather service, and has issued a warning due to the continuing cold, dry weather and the perils of frost.

The minimum temperature could reach 0ºC or below, mainly in the interior areas of the country.

As there has been no rain for around two months, notably in the area of the country below the Tagus, there is a heightened risk of fires, especially in the Algarve region.

These warnings will continue for as long as the weather pattern does, predicted to remain the until the 16th of January when rain is predicted.

From Thursday afternoon, all over the weekend, Civil Protection says that temperatures will feel even colder due to a chill factor with breezes turning into moderate winds.

The forecast for the next 24 hours in Aljezur is for a night-time low of zero, rising to a daytime high of 19ºC.

For Faro, 7ºC at night and 16ºC in the day and for Vila Real de Santo António, 5ºC tonight and a 15ºC high during the day.

On the plus side, clear skies are expected until next Monday.