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Cigarette butt law foresees fines of up to €250

cigarette buttsA recent law that approves measures for the collection and treatment of tobacco waste, and introduces fines of between €25 and €250 those who throw cigarette ends onto the ground, was published on Tuesday this week.

The law approves measures for the proper disposal, collection and treatment of tobacco product waste and measures to raise awareness and inform the population to help reduce the impact of this waste on the environment.

As of Wednesday, the cigarette or cigar butts will be considered solid urban waste and, therefore, their “disposal in public space” is prohibited.

The new law comes into force this week, but allows for a “transitional period of one year from the date of entry into force” to adapt to the law.

According to the law, “commercial establishments, namely restaurants and bars, establishments where entertainment activities take place, and all buildings where smoking is allowed should adjust to have ashtrays and equipment suitable for the disposal of undifferentiated and selective waste produced by their customers, including “containers with tipping lids or other devices that prevent the spreading of waste in public space”.

The establishments are also responsible for cleaning up the waste produced in the areas of commercial occupation and in a catchment area within a radius of five metres.

The government shall create a system of incentives, within the scope of the Environmental Fund, and promote campaigns to raise consumer awareness of the responsible destination of tobacco waste, including cigarette, cigar or other cigarette ends within 180 days of the law coming into force.

In regards to tobacco companies, the new law indicates that they should promote the use of biodegradable materials in the manufacture of tobacco filters.