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Christine Yates murder – son admits to acts of barbarity

justiceSuffering from paranoid schizophrenia, Louis Yates, told a Portimão Court that he believed his mother was the devil and that the CIA had told him to kill her.

Yates, 31, slit his mother’s throat, beat her, stamped on her head, doused her in acid and stuck cigarette ends into her vagina. The attack happened on August 4th, 2018 at the family home at Caramujeira, Lagoa.

In a largely incoherent speech, Louis Yates accused his father, who was in Court with his elder son, of causing his mental problems by adding LSD to the water system of the villa near Lagoa.

Louis told the judges that he regrets killing his mother, Christine, but was high on drugs at the time. State prosecutors argue that the accused should not be held criminally responsible for his actions.

The prosecution indictment detailed how Louis kicked and punched his mother in the head and body between midday and 3.50pm on the day of her death.

He then cut her throat before defiling her with the cigarette butts, pouring acid over her body, stamping on her head and body before dragging her to a patio where he continued his assault.

Prosecutors said in she had bled to death from her neck wounds.

The victim earlier that day had called the police and officers were told that Louis had assaulted her and that she was in fear for her life.

The officers left after Christine Yates said she did no want to go to hospital because she was worried Louis would set light to the house.

A concerned neighbour later called cops after checking on the household and seeing Christine’s body on the ground, while her son smoked and drank water.

The killer told the court his behaviour changed after he took drugs and that he had consumed cannabis the day of the murder.

Mrs Yates’ estate was worth £2.6m which included the Delaware firm that owned the Lagoa villa.

Yates’ brother and father left court without comment.

Despite the murder confession, the court case will continue on June 5.

The three judges then will retire to consider their verdict but are expected to confirm Louis Yates should be confined to a high-security prison hospital after declaring that he is not criminally responsible for his actions.