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Castro Marim mayor quits to force new local election

castromarimviewCastro Marim’s mayor, the Social Democrat, Francisco Amaral, is triggering a mid-term Council election by standing down at the end of January or in early February.

The city Council’s executive has no clear majority, leaving Amaral at the whim of his opposition and the mayor has been unable to get things done in the way he would like.

Amaral says that the opposition is, “destroying and boycotting” the work of the executive and that it is necessary to let the people decide in a by-election that will take place in April.

The main problem Amaral has is Célia Brito who is an opposition Councillor and runs the Council services company Novbaesuris which is being closed down, much against her wishes.

Amaral will re-apply for his current job as mayor and hopes to obtain an absolute majority in the polls so that he can progress his reforms.

Francisco Amaral had been re-elected in the 2017 municipal elections but his coalition, led by the PSD, ended up without a majority.

The executive consists of the Social Democrat mayor and the vice-president Filomena Sintra while the opposition consists of three councillors; two Socialists and one from the CM1 movement.

“It is noticeable, clearly, that there is a coalition in the opposition that is there simply to boycott the actions of the executive and to thwarts things. The opposition has blocked projects, Council meetings have become absolute massacres of five or six hours where nothing concrete is discussed, for example in December we adopted the minutes from March… it is shameful and the people are fed up with it. So let’s give the floor to the people,” Francisco Amaral explained.

The outgoing mayor explained that once the resignation request and the request for an election are handed to the Secretary of State for over, “a management commission will be appointed, which will be presided over by the Social Democrats Party, to manage the municipality for the next two and a half months,” until the elections are held.

“I hope that the elections will take place during the month of April, before the European elections,” said Amaral, hopeful of “obtaining an absolute majority.”