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Car found in Quatro Águas quay, Tavira

Dr Photo - Car found in Quatro Águas quay, TaviraA light vehicle was found in the water, in the area of ??the Quatro Águas quay, in Tavira in the early hours of this morning. The Maritime Police of Tavira were alerted of the incident by the PSP at 02:30am.

Following the alert, the “Maritime Police and the Tavira Lifeboat team were called to the incident, located the crashed vehicle, and a team of divers from the Albufeira Volunteer Firefighters subsequently searched the vehicle, luckily to find there were no occupants”, explains the Maritime Authority in a statement.

The local firefighters of Tavira, PSP and GNR were also present at the site, who contacted the owner of the vehicle. The removal of the vehicle is ongoing.

Original article available in Portuguese at http://postal.pt/