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Canadian falls from cliff at remote beauty spot in Lagoa

INEM125A Canadian has been hospitalised after falling 20 metres off a cliff at a remote beach in the Lagoa area.

The man fell at Afurada beach, a beach without access by land, so was rescued by the lifeboat team from Ferragudo and aided by lifeguards from a nerarby beach.

The alert was received, via 112, around 14:35 pm, on June 30th after the man was seen to fall.

The Canadian had climbed down the cliff along with his wife, in order to take a picture. Part of the fragile rockface gave way and he fell onto the sand below.

The Captain of the Port of Portimão immediately mobilised the Ferragudo lifeboat crew and asked the Martitime Police to head to the spot by land.

The lifeboat arrived at 14:50 as the man was being helped by lifeguards.

The 40-year-old Canadian was climbing on the rockface when he fell from about 20 metres above the beach.

The Maritime Authority said that the cliffs “are, as a rule, unstable and present a risk to people who climb on them,” and issued the standard warning to stay well clear and certianly don’t try and climb cliffs, however tempting they may look.