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British Embassy reveals plans to aid residence requests for expats in Portugal

68british embassyThe International Organization for Migration (IOM) will, following Brexit, provide support to UK citizens and their family members to finalize their applications for residence in Portugal. In a joint statement, the British Embassy in Lisbon and the IOM say the idea is to guarantee the rights of British citizens “under the UK-European Union exit agreement”.

This project is funded by the UK Government under the UK Nationals Support Fund (UKNSF), which has made available around £ 3 million (GBP) to charities and other organizations to provide support to nationals from the UK living in the European Union. This project is coordinated by IOM United Kingdom and is being implemented in Portugal, France, Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Italy and Germany.

“We are delighted to be part of this project and to be able to support UK citizens to ensure their rights and to safely continue their life projects in the country, reaching those who need it most”, considers Marta Bronzin, IOM office head Portugal.

In close collaboration with the British Embassy and in partnership with the High Commissioner for Migration (ACM), the IOM will conduct awareness campaigns aimed at British citizens living in Portugal, share accessible information on residency procedures and provide direct support to people who have greater difficulties in accessing information and residency processes.

In addition to the information provided online and through other means of communication, IOM will provide specific support to individuals who face certain challenges, namely people with disabilities or chronic illness, people who face language and literacy barriers or barriers in accessing relevant technology.

British ambassador Chris Sainty says that “supporting the citizens of the UK is one of the Embassy’s priorities. We are very pleased to support IOM in this project to help vulnerable UK nationals in guaranteeing their rights so that they can continue to live safely here in Portugal”.

This project will be implemented up until March 31, 2021 and the official launch will take place on July 7, at 17:00, via Webex (learn more by clicking HERE).