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Brisa to upgrade motorways and build service areas in €74 million spend

tollBrisa motorway tolls have gone up, but not by much – the cost for a journey from the Algarve up the A2 to Lisbon has gone up by just 25 cents.

A trip all the way along along the Algarve’s A22 motorway also has risen in price, but by 15 cents for Class 1 vehicles, i.e. cars.

According to Brisa Concessão Rodoviária, tolls rose on January 1st by an average of 0.94% compared to 2018.

This percentage is based on the legally stipulated annual rate of inflation taken last October.

Brisa points out that, “in Class 1, only 18 of the 93 toll rates (19% in total) have been updated” and that “on most routes, the impact of these increases is minimal.”

In the same statement, Brisa said that in 2019, the road company will, “invest €74 million in the roads it controls: €59 million in the conservation and improvement of the roads managed by the company and €15 million to increase the current number of Colibri Via Verde service areas.”

Previously, Infraestruturas de Portugal announced that it would increase tolls on 22% of its network in 2019, ranging from five to 25 cents.