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Brelcome to Scotland

scotlandThe Brelcome campaign, launched by Turismo de Portugal in Lisbon on March 15, to counteract any negative effects of Brexit, already has been seen by a generously estimated eight million people and has triggered a message from the Scottish parliament.

Turismo de Portugal notes the Scottish message, spotted on twitter, which thanks the Portuguese campaign and says the country will continue with, “open arms, open mind and heart” to welcome Portuguese and European tourists, even after Brexit.

The Brelcome campaign integrates Portugal’s contingency plan for UK visitors and adds a service line and information area to the VisitPortugal website.

The campaign has cost Portugal’s taxpayers around €200,000 and will carry on until June with its tourism push into the British market with the message ‘#BRELCOME – Portugal will never leave you.’

Portugal’s government has published its post-Brexit advice to British residents and to travellers who will continue to enjoy the travel conditions they currently enjoy, such as no holiday visas, dedicated queuing areas at airports, health insurance and driving rights.