Home News Bakery delivers fresh bread to homes of those in need in Silves, Portimão and Lagoa

Bakery delivers fresh bread to homes of those in need in Silves, Portimão and Lagoa

Published on 23/03/2020

Have you ever thought about receiving fresh bread at your door, without having to leave home, especially if you’re worried about leaving home as a vulnerable individual? That’s exactly what Padaria Odelouca is doing, throughout the municipalities of Silves, Lagoa and Portimão.

The initiative began a few days ago, but it already has the support of “many people”. Ricardo Silva, one of the bakery managers, claimed. “We already had a page on Facebook and then my brother, who also works with me, decided to go ahead with the idea”, framed the manager.

The Odelouca Bakery has already made some home deliveries in the past, but, in these times where staying at home is so important for those who are older or more vulnerable, they decided to “expand the service”. Why? “There are so many people who need help”, says Mr. Silva.

Whoever wants to can order the homemade bread, prices vary between 45 cents and 2.5 euros depending on the weight. Before the bread arrives, a notification is sent to inform you that the delivery is on its way.

For now, the bakery has made “between 100 and 200 daily deliveries”, divided over the three municipalities of Portimão, Lagoa and Silves. The bakery’s delivery drivers go everywhere, from the remote countryside to town centres.

The requests come from both older people, “who do not want to leave home”, as well as from younger people, who are also self-isolating during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Anyone who wants to order bread can do so by calling 965 763 841, or 927 867 836. Deliveries can also be requested through Padaria Odelouca’s Facebook Page. Payment is made in cash, but, guarantees Mr. Silva, “adhering to all the recommendations, namely wearing gloves and disinfecting them”.