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Authorities work out how to remove stranded dead whale from the beach

Dr photo - AUTHORITIES WORK OUT HOW TO REMOVE STRANDED DEAD WHALE FROM THE BEACHA large whale is stranded, dead on the beach of Santo António in Vila Real de Santo António, and the authorities are analysing how best to remove it.

After received an alert by a member of the public around 9:00am yesterday, the Maritime Police are awaiting support from other entities, such as the municipality, to define how the whale will best be removed, said commander Rui Vasconcelos Duarte.

“We are going to evaluate together with several entities what is going to be done”, said the person in charge, specifying that the whale “is already dead” and now “we have to decide what the whales destiny is” and “how it will be removed from the site”.

Asked if the whale could cause any disruption to navigation, the same source replied that “at the moment, no”.

As this footage from a beach in Oregon in 1970 shows, THIS is NOT the way to do it!

Original article available in Portuguese at http://postal.pt/