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Arsonist responsible for burning 73 dogs in kennel finally apprehended by PJ

94burning dogThe Judiciary Police (PJ ) have finally arrested a 29-year-old man suspected of having started more than 30 fires in the Sobrado, Valongo, and Baltar, Paredes areas of Northern Portugal.

The authorities have revealed that the twisted individuals works as an electrician by day, and was able to evade police through “constant movement, day and night, in the forest areas, performing multiple evasive manoeuvres and erratic driving, presumably to fool the authorities”. The 29-year-old man mainly worked in the Valongo and Baltar areas.

The fires are said to have been caused by the use of a lighter in all scenarios related to the arsonist, extending over a period from at least since the beginning of July up to recent weeks. According to a statement by the PJ, the suspect is responsible for a fire that killed dozens of animals in a shelter in Agrela – Santo Tirso, because the flames originated in Valongo.

“The investigation had to enlist considerable human and material resources to carry out his arrest following yet another criminal act”, adds the PJ. The 29-year-old detainee has a police record for the crime of starting forest fires. He will be presented to the competent judicial authority, for first judicial interrogation and application of coercion measures considered appropriate.”

The Judiciary Police, through the Northern Directorate, adds that the arrest, which occurred as the man was in the act of starting another fire, occurred with the collaboration of several entities, namely the Northern Working Group on Reducing Forest Ignition, GNR, ANEPC, ICNF, Voluntary Firefighters and local authorities.