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Around 5,500 British tourists to arrive in the Algarve today

AROUND 5,500 BRITISH TOURISTS TO ARRIVE IN THE ALGARVE TODAYFour British airports have flights departing to the Algarve. With the announcement of the resumption of flights from the United Kingdom, online bookings skyrocketed between 30 and 40%.

This Monday, Portugal will receive tourists from countries with a low incidence of Covid-19. Everyone is required to pass a negative test on arrival, whether by plane or boat.

With five and a half thousand British tourists arriving this Monday in the Algarve, on the first day of the resumption of non-essential flights with the United Kingdom, the region begins to breathe with relief.

Even so, businessmen are unanimous in criticisng the restriction of opening hours, arguing that closing the establishments at 10:30 pm does not make sense.

Tourists will be welcomed by the Algarve Tourism Association with a welcome kit.

It will hardly be a summer like 2019, but with the possibility of receiving British tourists again, the scenario in the Algarve is much more encouraging than last year.

The British Government had already given the green light for the British to travel to Portugal, but the Portuguese government’s favorable decision came early Friday afternoon. The delay in the response had little impact on the reservations that had already been made.

The preference is for the summer months, but the demand for the Algarve in May has been greater than expected.

“Since they are faced with the impossibility of being able to travel to more direct competing destinations, such as Spain, Turkey, Greece, etc., they will tend to choose to come to the region”, said Elidérico Viegas, President of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Enterprises of the Algarve.

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