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Armação de Pêra beach to get new wooden boardwalk

Armacao de PeraA new 1.5km wooden boardwalk is due to be built along Armação de Pêra’s beach this year.

The boardwalk is part of a council-led project to create a new path for the Ecovia do Litoral, a coastal trail which passes through Armação de Pêra and links it both east to Vale do Olival in Lagoa and west to Lagoa dos Salgados in Albufeira.

The idea is to give hikers and cyclists an opportunity to enjoy the trail as close to the coast as possible.

Also included in the project is the construction of a 225m bridge over the Alcantarilha stream.

All in all, the works are expected to cost the local council around €600,000.

Three other coastal projects are also in the pipeline for Armação de Pêra, part of the government’s new revised Plano de Ação Litoral XXI which features several coastal investments to be carried in the coming years throughout Portugal.

The biggest investment, costing €2 million, involves sand replenishment works on the local beach and nearby Vale do Olival beach in Lagoa in a bid to protect the cliffs from erosion.

A further €1 million will go into reorganising the parking in the western section of the beach, while another €1 million will be ploughed into revamping the eastern section of the town’s seaside area.

 Credit to Michael Bruxo of the Portugal Resident