Home News Announcement of State of Calamity by Costa – detailed plan for return to normality unveiled

Announcement of State of Calamity by Costa – detailed plan for return to normality unveiled

Published on 30/04/2020

Regarding the rules to be adopted, there will be a mandatory confinement duty for sick people and those under active surveillance, with a civic duty of home confinement continuing. There cannot be gatherings of more than ten people and funerals will be held only with the presence of family members.

Regarding religious celebrations, the DGS will also create a set of rules for them.

The prime minister warned that “it will continue to be mandatory” that all functions that can be carried out in teleworking thus remain, at least throughout the month of May.

From June 1, there will be partial teleworking, with irregular shifts. The priority, explains the prime minister, is to reopen companies and businesses that cannot function remotely.

In public transport there will be mandatory use of masks, a maximum capacity of two thirds and the mandatory hygiene and cleaning of transport.

António Costa announced that on Monday, the 4th of May, deconcentrated customer service counters will open by appointment. On June 1, the citizen’s stores will open.

In terms of commerce and restaurants, stores up to 200 square meters may be reopened as of May 4, such as bookstores and car trade. Hairdressers, aestheticians and barber shops will reopen but with appointments, complying with the rules of hygiene and individual protection”, explained the Prime Minister.

From May 18, stores up to 400 square meters will be able to reopen. Restaurants, cafes and pastry shops can have a capacity of up to 50%. As of June 1, commercial spaces over 400 square meters and stores inserted in shopping centres will be reopened.

With regard to schools, the 11th and 12th year students will start face-to-face classes, and from June 1st day care centers, ATL’s and pre-school will be able to reopen. In culture, libraries and archives will reopen from May 4. From the 18th, museums, monuments, palaces, art galleries and exhibition rooms will reopen. On June 1, cinemas, theaters and concert halls will be able to return to business.

In relation to sport, starting on Monday, individual sports may be resumed (without the use of changing rooms) and at the end of the month, the 1st football league and the Portuguese Cup may be resumed.

More details can be found here: https://www.safecommunitiesportugal.com/announcement-of-state-of-calamity-by-the-prime-minister/?fbclid=IwAR1B34sThVghMDU_3MTihPRPt7vi_YC0Wnzcw3yDPJSx8nEd7SLJ_GQVmoU (ENGLISH)

https://www.jn.pt/nacional/as-condicoes-e-regras-para-a-reabertura-do-comercio-a-cultura-e-ao-futebol-12139283.html (PORTUGUESE)