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Aljezur murder – man arrested

Published on 30/04/2019

A suspected murderer was arrested a few hours after the fatal shooting of a bar owner at Amado beach, Aljezur.

A team of investigators from the Criminal Investigation Department of the PJ, with the support of the Aljezur and Portimão GNR tracked down and arrested the man.

The murder took place on Sunday morning when a man carrying a shotgun walked up to the bar owner and blasted him in the chest.

The alleged murderer, with his face covered, went to the beach restaurant at 11am on Sunday, as the victim, Jorge Cabrita, 44, was setting the chairs on the terrace. The shotgun was discharged and the attacker ran off.

The arrested man is suspected of homicide and carrying a prohibited weapon.

Police say that the crime most likely was due to a long-running conflict between the two men. The suspect is being held in custody.