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Algarve water company unconcerned at low dam levels

water2The Algarve’s water reserves are higher than a year ago, leading Aguas do Algarve to guarantee, “the public supply in quantity and quality.”

Despite the lack of rainfall, the region’s three dams may have more water than a year ago but they are hardly brimming.

The volume of water in the Odelouca dam in the western Algarve, the main source of water for public consumption in the region, was at 35% on January 11. This is higher than a year ago when it held only 19% of its potential but cause for concern to many, apart from the water company whose job it is to assure the public there is plenty of water to go around.

The company’s spokesperson, Teresa Fernandes, said, “Despite being at a low volume, the supply of water for public consumption during this year will not be affected, including during the high season, because the system allows the transfer of water from the other two dams located in the eastern Algarve.”

Out east, the Odeleite dam is at 66%, against 59% last year, and the Beliche dam is at 59%, against 53% last year – both dams supply agriculture as well as the public.

Aguas do Algarve stated that, “the current reserves guarantee the public supply during the year ahead, without restrictions and with quality, for consumption and for agriculture.”

Teresa Fernandes added, “The existing water reserves allow us to ensure quantity and quality, but it is necessary for the population to be aware of the need to save this precious liquid.”