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Algarve tolls listed for parliamentary debate

Published on 29/01/2019

The elimination of tolls on the Algarve’s motorway is back on the political agenda with new proposals from the Left Block and CDU, demanding the scrapping of the regional toll system, being debated in parliament on February 8th

The Algarve’s ‘Via do Infante Users’ Commission,’ CUVI, is demanding a toll-free Algarve to be established as early as 2019.

“In addition to the many millions of euros of taxpayers’ money which each year fall into the pockets of the private concessionaire, there have been more than 10,000 road accidents per year in the Algarve for three years running – largely on the ‘road of death’ – the EN125, with many fatalities and ever-increasing numbers of injuries,” reads the latest CUVI statement.

According to the Commission, “during 2018, there were 10,604 road accidents in the region, mostly on the EN125, with 40 fatalities and 195 serious injuries (10 more dead and 3 more serious injuries than in 2017).

“Tolls on Via do Infante contribute greatly to the number of road accidents. Only their elimination will reduce the accident rate – drastically,” says CUVI which is calling for a big turnout in Lisbon on February 8th.

“Once again the time will come for the truth and the Algarve will see who is defending and who is against the Algarve, the users and its people,” points out the Commission.