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Algarve students called back from Italy will be alert for COVID-19 symptoms

italy studentsThe three students from ETIC_Algarve who are interning in Italy and have been called back to Portugal this Wednesday, February 26th, will be alert for symptoms of Covid-19, after receiving medical advice to avoid areas with a great influx of people.

The students were called back to the Algarve by ETIC_Algarve, the school at which they study and under which they are doing an Erasmus + internship, in the city of Turin, Italy.

Alexandre Ferreira, from the ETIC_Algarve team, told press that the school has “contacted the Public Health Line which, in turn, transmitted the guidelines that must be followed by the young women during their trip to the Airport, on the plane and after their return to Portugal”.

The three young women, who are returning to their homes country willingly, must test their body temperature, twice a day, as well as pay close attention to whether they are exhibiting symptoms at any times, symptoms include coughing and difficulty breathing.

Although it is not a strict necessity, ETIC_Algarve will also advise the students, when they return, “to protect themselves to the maximum”.

“We are not talking about a quarantine, but trying to control as much as possible the presence in places with a large number of people. It is our advice, from ETIC”, explained Alexandre Ferreira.

At this moment, the three students are doing well and at home. The young women are still “a little scared” about the whole situation. Italy has been one of the countries most affected by COVID-19 with seven fatalities, in addition to 212 confirmed cases. The Northern zone is the most affected, with 11 municipalities in quarantine. In case of any symptoms, people should contact the SNS 24 Health Line (808 24 24 24), instead of going to the hospital.