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Algarve Navy soldier wins 100km trail race, setting a new record

ALGARVE NAVY SOLDIER WINS 100KM TRAIL RACE, SETTING A NEW RECORDThe Portuguese Navy have proudly announced that Algarve Navy soldier, Vera Reis ran a 100 km trail race in less than 12 hours, setting a new women’s record.

Sergeant Reis  won the “Linhas de Torres Running Challenge” last weekend, April 9th, by finishing in 11 hours 53 minutes and 43 seconds.

Born in Porches, Lagoa, the Navy sergeant currently serves in the Surface Ship Squadron. Mother of 3 boys, Vera always had the dream of joining the Armed Forces, which came to fruition in 1997 when she entered the Navy, under contract, at the age of 19.

“Many miles sailed later, the Navy soldier began to reconcile her personal and professional life with trail sports, a modality she discovered during a commission in the Azores in 2015,” the statement said.

“Our congratulations on the victory and continuation of many goals achieved”, says the statement from the Portuguese Navy.

Well done Vera!