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Algarve MP slams unfair transport subsidy

Published on 04/04/2019

Faro MP, Cristóvão Norte, has been highly critical of the distribution of government funds that are supporting subsidised travel across the country.

According to the Social Democrat, speaking in parliament, “Lisbon receives €27 per passenger and the Algarve just over €2.”

Norte also criticised the travel infrastructure in the Algarve, citing buses that do not arrive, trains that do not turn up and boats that do not sail, nor does the subsidy help those who do not have access to public transport.

Last year, Norte stated that, “public transport has been abandoned for decades in the Algarve,” lamenting poor service, poor quality, lack of coordination, missed schedules and obsolete machines.

“It’s not a problem of this government. It has been everyone’s problem, made more serious with the population growth and tourism, which has degraded the public transport service in the region. However, it has never been as bad as today, with an unprecedented reduction in the train service,” said Norte in 2018.