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Algarve-built catamaran to be launched at Vilamoura Boat Show

sunglassesAn Algarve made, solar powered catamaran, is oficially to be launched on June 15th at the Vilamoura Boat Show which runs from June 8 to 16 at Vilamoura Marina.

The Cat 12.0, has been already been undergoing trials near the company’s premises in Olhão, and represents “a new concept and innovation for Sun Concept’s solar-powered construction because it has different characteristics from the previously produced Sunsailer,” explained João Bastos, the company’s commercial director.

The new catamaran can cope with the open sea and has enough power to be driven for a day or more, carrying uo to 25 people, with a company in Madeira placing the first order for the €323,000 craft.

Francisco Serra, president of CCDR Algarve, said to Sul Informação that “Sun Concept is a very innovative company. It has a very important market share in this type of market.”

The new boat of, is 11.9 metres long and , as for the price, the cost will soon be recouped as no fuel needs to be purchased.


SunSailer 7.0
Sun Sailer 7

CAT 12.0

New CAT 12

The company website reads:

There is no better place to enjoy a walk in the wild than on board of a CAT 12. Spacious, versatile and extremely comfortable, the CAT 12 is ideal for unforgettable trips. And without harming the environment!

CAT 12 is a solar powered catamaran, with capacity for 25 to 45 passengers, with modern lines and sophisticated and great aerodynamics. With 12 meters long and 27.5m2 of deck area, CAT 12 is ideal for sightseeing, for parties and events or just to enjoy a great gathering of friends. Just imagine a sunset aboard the CAT 12…

CAT 12 uses, as its source of energy, the sunlight that is stored in the photovoltaic panels on the boat. With the CAT 12, you can sail at zero cost and still benefit from an 85% more economical maintenance than on traditional boats.

CAT 12 stands out from the other boats of the same category for its aerodynamic lines, which provide smooth navigability, even at higher speeds. The space is wide and adjustable to various situations, which makes CAT 12 ideal for tourist events of various types, always with comfort and sophistication as a backdrop. To later remember!

CAT 12 does not consume fossil fuels and does not produce greenhouse gases (GHG). Its electric motors do not spill oils or produce exhaust fumes that damage the environment. The hull, specially designed for minimal impact on the ecosystem, allows it to be in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature and to preserve the riverside fauna and flora.


See: https://sunconcept.pt/new/who-we-are/https://sunconcept.pt/new/who-we-are/