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Albufeira’s Municipal Tourism Council discuss Brexit, Thomas Cook collapse, and nightlife brawls

Albufeira officials met last week at the inaugural Municipal Tourism Council meeting, where members of the Council discussed problematic issues facing Albufeira’s tourism industry, such, Brexit, the fall of Thomas Cook, and Oura nightlife.

This is a municipal body aimed at the coordination, consultation, and study of problems at a municipal level in the field of the municipality’s tourism policies.

Moreover, the Municipal Tourism Council covers several local and regional entities that deal with this industry that is the beating heart of Albufeira’s economy.

The meeting, which lasted just over three hours, took stock of the tourist year between January and September. The Council also analysed – and discussed – the state in which the tourism sector in the county and the region as a whole finds itself, with a particular focus on stability and prospects for improving road management.

Hot topics included the influence of Brexit on a county that welcomes such a large number of British tourists, and the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook was not overlooked either.

The issue of safety, which mainly concerned nightlife, was one of the more heavily discussed aspects also. According to Albufeira Council, “the need to improve this area has been underlined, notably by reinforcing the police presence and establishing tighter rules for the private sector.”

In Albufeira, the Oura nightlife district, which is close to the infamous Albufeira Strip, has a notably dodgy reputation with several almost daily disagreements being reported to police. This issue is amplified tenfold at the height of the tourist season.

In this sense, José Carlos Rolo, Mayor of Albufeira, underlined the various projects that he has scheduled to fix the situation, namely a series of renovations in the centre of Albufeira and Oura area, the Albufeira Drainage Plan, the investment in better communication and accessibility, as well as the reinforcement of investment in the collection and treatment of municipal solid waste.

Also in this area, the mayor announced that the municipality is preparing to elaborate on their Strategic Plan for Tourism, having called for the collaboration of the various officials present at last week’s meeting so that the document can be translated into an instrument at the service of all.

Finally, José Carlos Rolo stressed the need to establish a compromise between all sectors in order to work together in order to improve the public image of Albufeira as a holiday destination.