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Albufeira fights invasive weeds with thermal machinery

Published on 15/08/2019

The municipality of Albufeira has just acquired an innovative machine for fighting weeds that have begun to crowd the public roads.

It is a high-powered electric machine which works by firing water at high temperatures, thus avoiding the use of chemicals.

This equipment is part of the municipality’s strategy to reduce atmospheric emissions and adopt the best practices to maximize the environmental sustainability of Albufeira.

The aim is to progressively reduce the application of environmentally harmful chemicals by using more sustainable practices with zero environmental impact.

The tool is called the HOUAT SKID, and is produced by a French company by the name of Oeliatec. This patented technology is based on the use of water heated to a high temperature (approximately 120ºC), which upon contact with unwanted vegetation, destroys the cellular tissue and root system. Furthermore, by boiling the seeds, it prevents their germination process from occurring, therefore preventing the regrowth of new weeds.

“We know that the biosphere is under great threat and it is everyone’s responsibility to protect the environment. With this machine, we intend to keep the public spaces clean and free of chemicals, for the good of all” , explains the mayor of Albufeura, José Carlos Rolo, who also expressed his desire to purchase more similar machines to aid in the maintenance and cleaning of Albufeira.