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Albufeira collects 75 tons of waste from the bus terminal area

Dr Photo - ALBUFEIRA COLLECTS 75 TONS OF WASTE FROM THE BUS TERMINAL AREAThe Municipality of Albufeira collected around 75 tons of waste last week, in the area adjacent to the Bus Terminal. The operation was the result of a cleaning action in that area, over four days.

Altogether, 20 cleaning professionals were involved in the project, including people from the council and Luságua, a company the Municipality of Albufeira se for urban cleaning. Thw waste collected consisted of mostly household waste, but also 5.5 tonnes of large electrical items, furniture, etc.

The Mayor says that “that situation has been worrying us for a long time. The bus stop is the ‘business card’ of Albufeira for many people and did not correspond to who we are ”.

The Mayor states that there will be active inspections of the area, and that he will become more attentive to those who improperly deposit waste in that area, as well as others. However, he says, “I am sure that we all like to see a clean and pleasant entrance to the city. I count on the collaboration of all, in the exercise of what is the most elementary of citizenship”.

Those interested in collecting large-scale waste should call 289 246 592.

Original article available in Portuguese at http://postal.pt/