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Águas do Algarve lands European grant to boost drinking water supply

water2Águas do Algarve has landed a €2.4 million grant from the EC to increase its fresh water production output at the Alcantarilha plant.

The total spend is €4.8 million to allow the regional water supply company to cater for summer peaks in demand.

The Alcantarilha plant has been working since 1999, taking water from the Odelouca reservoir (since 2012) and groundwater from the Vale da Vila and Benaciate areas, treating it and distributing it to councils.

Due to the varying numbers of end users that the company has to supply over the year, it is adding two treatment lines to the existing one.

According to the company, the additional treatment capacity will be achieved by including additional capacity, downstream of the ozone pre-oxidation and coagulation and flocculation processes.