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Advice from National Maritime Authority – ‘Don’t swim in the sea this weekend’

seasThe temperature is rising across the Algarve so the National Maritime Authority has posted an alert for people to be sensible on the region’s beaches and coastal areas even suggesting that swimming in the sea is not a good idea this weekend.

The authority says that it is important to remember that the sea at this time of year is a winter sea, meaning that beaches and coastal areas are at high risk due to the effects of recent high seas. This has left some steep slopes in the sand and a danger of whirlpools and rip-tides.

This is also a period of a highly active sea with a big difference between high and low tides which causes strong currents.

The authority also points out that beaches are not supervised by lifeguards and there is no safety equipment.

The National Maritime Authority recommends people do not swim, watch children the whole time they are on the beach and make sure they are always near an adult, don’t walk near the water’s edge or on wet sand, no not turn your back to the sea and always keep a safe distance from the waterline.

If someone sees someone in trouble in the water, don’t go in after them, call 112.