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60-somethings get their kicks on Route EN2

Published on 19/03/2019

A group of 60-year-olds are walking between Chaves and Faro on the country’s very own version of ‘Route 66’ – the EN2

The three men, aiming to average 30 kilometres a day, left Chaves on Monday and have a mission to complete the 738.5 kilometers to Faro in 25 days.

The group, called ‘Palmilhar EN2,’ includes Orlando Valério, João Silva and Francisco Romeira, with logistical support from Jorge Nunes, also in his 60s.

The three hikers decided on the adventure as they love a good walk and have completed the Via Algarviana, the Camino de Santiago and many other of the paths across the Algarve.

The group also is keen to publicise the north-south route. In the last three months, in addition to intensifying the training, they have planned all the logistics, and have asked for support, particularly for overnight stops.

The members of the group are carrying their Route EN2 passports to be stamped at various points along the way, as well as each carrying a diary which they intend to turn into a book.

The adventure can be followed on Facebook, at Palmilhar EN2.