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‘2019 will be a year of challenges for tourism in the Algarve’ says regional tourism chief

beachalmograve2“Growing in value and consolidating the perception of the differentiated quality of the region’s offer in relation to the main competing destinations are some of the main objectives for this year,” according to a snappy quote from the new President of the Algarve Tourism Association.
“We have to continue to grow in value, instead of being driven to price competition, especially with destinations such as Tunisia, Egypt or Turkey,” explains João Fernandes, who now is responsible also for the agency responsible for promoting the region to overseas markets as well as President of the Region of Tourism of the Algarve.

“Given the position we have been building around the quality, richness and differentiating nature of our offer, and taking into account the growing international recognition we have been gaining, our strategy is to make the experience of those who visit us richer, more authentic and more emotional, and we are doing it successfully through greater integration and interaction of our tourists with local life,” says Fernades, now getting into his stride.
This year is one in which to prevent and minimise the impacts of situations that have been interfering in the Algarve’s tourism, such as re-emergence of competing destinations and Brexit.

“We believe that the main consequences of these phenomena will truly be reflected in 2020, so during this year we will be focused on finding solutions and alternatives that contribute to the sustainable development of Algarve tourism. We are pleased to note that the entire sector is mobilised in the effort to combat and adapt to this new reality,” says João Fernandes.
“With regard to traditional markets, we will obviously capitalise on the loyalty of UK tourists to the Algarve, enhancing their emotional ties to the region and the word of mouth of those who visit us. Our aim is to turn occasional or regular visitors into true ambassadors of this destination,” said the ATA president.

“At the same time, we are working on strengthening air links and promotional actions in countries such as France and Italy, which in recent years have seen a steady and significant increase in tourists to, and residents in, the region, revealing a very interesting growth potential.

“On the other hand, we will have a clear opportunity from markets that can contribute to the sustainable development of the region, as they visit the Algarve outside the high season: this is the case of visitors from countries such as Sweden and Denmark which, as a result of the our Golf product and the recent creation of new direct connections to Faro, are very attractive markets for the winter visits.

“To these countries can be added Brazil, USA and Canada, whose interest in the Algarve is increasing considerably, particularly in relation to gastronomy, culture and nature tourism,” said the tourism chief.