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19-year-old boy murdered in Vilamoura nightclub

boy shotThe 19-year-old staff member, who was shot at the door of a nightclub in the Algarve didn’t survive his injuries and died after being taken to Faro Hospital.

The victim, Lucas Leote, who was working as a member of staff at Lick nightclub in Vilamoura (Loulé municipality), was shot in the head last night outside the nightclub.

Fernando Pacheco, manager of Lick, released a statement discussing the events that “culminated in the death of a staff member”.

“Lick is currently providing support to the family and has already provided full support to the appropriate authorities to bring the perpetrator of these actions to justice as soon as possible.”, said the manager.

Fernando Pacheco told the press that the young man was working at the door of the nightclub, giving bracelets to guests to provide them with access to the space.

In the statement, the manager stressed that “it is time to end the violence in nightlife spaces, in particular, against employees who are only performing duties and, in this case, resulted in the death of a 19-year-old boy.”

“Lick will continue its active contribution so that users of nightlife spaces, as well as employees can enjoy and feel safe in these spaces without being exposed to acts of violence from citizens who do not respect the most basic principles of social coexistence and respect for human life”, he expressed.

“The alleged perpetrator of the murder fled via motorcycle which has since been recovered by the authorities. However, he has not yet been found,” a source at GNR General Command said this morning.

Earlier today, a source from the Faro District Relief Operations Command (CDOS) had indicated that a “firearm assault” warning was given at 3:49am.

On site were 14 emergency service personnel, made up of six vehicles from both the National Institute of Medical Emergencies (INEM) and the GNR.

The investigation of the case is being overseen by the Judicial Police.