Home News Two Portuguese nationals kidnapped in Mozambique’s capital

Two Portuguese nationals kidnapped in Mozambique’s capital

Published on 05/02/2015

Two Portuguese nationals have been kidnapped in Mozambique's capital Maputo, their embassy said Thursday.

They were captured separately on Monday and Thursday, according to the Portuguese embassy’s consular Gonçalo Gamos.

“Investigations and negotiations are underway,” said Gamos without saying whether a ransom had been demanded.

Gangs often target unsuspecting victims in public areas, then claim thousands of dollars in ransom for their release.

Five armed men seized a Portuguese man in broad daylight along Mao Tse Tung Avenue, close to a busy restaurant on Monday, according to local media.

Then a Portuguese woman was kidnapped Thursday from a street close to the presidential palace, in an area where most of the foreign diplomatic missions’ offices are based. She was reportedly taken after a road accident caused by her captors.

A Mozambican businessman who owns an auto spares parts shop was on January 27 captured by three armed men along Karl Marx Avenue, one of Maputo’s busiest streets.

The government has come under criticism for its failure to curb the kidnappings that have targeted expatriates including Asian businessmen.