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Dozens of nationalities among Spain attack victims

The twin vehicle attacks in Spain that killed 14 people and wounded 100 more in a bustling tourist area of Barcelona and the nearby seaside resort of Cambrils affected people of three dozen nationalities.

These included France, Italy, Venezuela, Australia, Ireland, Peru, Algeria and China.

– Dead-


Four Spaniards were killed, according to a spokesman for Catalonia’s executive.


US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said at least one American was killed.


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said one Canadian was killed and four others were injured.


Argentina’s foreign ministry said a 40-year-old woman, Silvina Alejandra Pereyra, who had dual Spanish-Argentinian citizenship was among the dead. She had lived in Barcelona for a decade.


Three Italians were among the dead.

One was named as its 35-year-old Bruno Gulotta, who worked in sales and marketing for a computer company.

He had been on holiday in Barcelona with his wife and their two young children and is believed to have died right in front of them.

Luca Russo, 25, was also named as a victim. His girlfriend was one of three Italians injured in the attack.

And 80-year-old Carmen Lopardo, an Italian national who had lived for decades in Argentina, also died, the Argentine foreign ministry said.


A woman from Tongres in eastern Belgium, visiting Barcelona with her family, was killed, the Belgian foreign minister said.


A 74-year-old Portuguese woman, and her 20-year-old granddaughter, were among the dead, according to the government.

– Wounded –


France appears to have the most injured in the attack. Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said 28 nationals had been injured, with eight of them in a serious condition.


Foreign ministry spokesman Martin Schaefer said 13 Germans were injured in the Barcelona attack, some of them “fighting for their lives”.

He said he could also not rule out that there may be Germans among the dead.


A family of four Irish citizens needed hospital treatment after the attack, Dublin said. The parents were originally from the Philippines, and Manila said its honorary consul in Barcelona had been to check on them.


British Prime Minister Theresa May said in a televised address that “a number of British nationals were caught up in the attack,” but provided no other details on the number of wounded.

She also mentioned that authorities “are urgently looking into reports of a child believed missing, who is a British dual national”.


Three Dutch people were wounded, all of whom are out of danger, the government said.


There are two Belgians among the wounded, one in a serious condition, according to Foreign Minister Didier Reynders.

— ROMANIA Three wounded — two men aged 33 and 42 who are in a stable condition in hospital and another who suffered only minor injuries.


Three wounded, according to the Australian government.


Two children wounded along with their mother, who has German nationality. The father was unhurt but is in shock, Greek officials said.


Three Moroccans were injured including a six-year-old child who is in a “critical condition”, the foreign ministry said.


Four Cubans were injured in Barcelona, and another lightly hurt in the second attack in the resort town of Cambrils, according to the official Cubadebate website.


One person each from Hungary, Macedonia, Austria and Turkey was injured.


Two Taiwanese people were wounded as well as one person from Hong Kong.

Catalan authorities said people with Spanish, Algerian, Argentinian, Canadian, Chinese, Colombian, Dominican, Ecuadoran, Egyptian, Philippine, Honduran, Kuwaiti, Mauritanian, Pakistani, Peruvian, and Venezuelan nationality were also among the victims.