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Portugal’s right, far-left to reject govt austerity plan

Published on 23/03/2011

Portugal's right will vote together with far-left parties against the government's austerity plan on Wednesday, a PSD party spokesman said, a move that guarantees its rejection and could lead to the resignation of Prime Minister Jose Socrates.

Socrates has threatened to step down if he fails to garner support in parliament for his government’s so-called stability and growth programme of austerity measures, intended to avert the need for an Irish-style bailout.

A Social Democratic Party (PSD) spokesman told AFP the party would “vote for all the points rejecting the stability and growth programme.”

A total of five resolutions against the socialist government’s austerity plan will be voted following a debate in parliament. The vote is expected at around 7:00 pm (1900 GMT).

The tiny conservative CDS party had already announced that it plans to vote together with other opposition parties against the minority government’s austerity measures.