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Looking for work in Portugal

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Editorial Review
The ‘Looking for work in Portugal’ guide tells you about CV writing, recruitment practice,
country profile and management differences. It’s the first step on your route to success
abroad. Because, an international career needs more than just a mere CV translation!

Country Profile

  • The country is divided into 18 districts with Lisbon as the capital.
  • Spain is the only land border country with Portugal.


Work permits in Portugal

  • EEA citizens are free to move and work anywhere within the EEA including Portugal.
  • In Portugal, ones are allowed no more than six months to either find a job or start a
  • business and then apply for and obtain your Portuguese residence card.


Writing a CV and application letter in Portugal

  • The key focus of your CV should be to persuade the employer to invite you for an
  • interview. Therefore your CV is a marketing tool, which should be adapted to the market
  • in which you intend to use it.
  • The application letter is short and simple, the style conventional.


The application procedure in Portugal

  • Speculative applications, especially for recent graduates, are an important route to
  • employment in Portugal.
  •  Networking is very important in Portugal – use your personal contacts!


Management culture in Portugal

  • Employees in Portugal have little power or responsibility; ‘They do as they are told’.
  • Lunch meetings and restaurant dinners are part of the Portuguese working days.