Home News France’s Altice buys Portugal Telecom for 7.4 bn euros

France’s Altice buys Portugal Telecom for 7.4 bn euros

Published on 09/12/2014

France's Altice on Monday bought out Portugal Telecom -- which had been owned by Brazil's Oi -- for 7.4 billion euros ($9 billion), the Brazilian company announced.

“Under the deal approved, Oi will sell to Altice all PT shares for the company’s value of 7.4 billion euros,” Oi said in a note to Brazilian regulatory authorities.

It said that Oi will receive an additional 500 million euros based on future PT earnings once in its new owners’ hands.

Oi also said that before the sale is finalized, there will be corporate reorganization, and some of its businesses may not be sold, for example Africatel, Timor Telecom and PT’s investment in Rio Forte Investments.

It was the third major acquisition by Altice — a growing cable, telecoms and communications giant — following purchases of French companies SFR and Virgin France.

Portugal Telecom employs about 11,000 people, and controls 40-50 percent of Portugal’s cellular and ADSL business.